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Modeling plastic - creative plastic

29 2020, 16:23

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Cena 79 CZK

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inzerát modeling plastic - creative plastic



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Modeling plastic, which, after warming above 62 ° C, preferably in hot water, is easily moldable, once cured again.

Plastic is suitable for repairers, modellers and DIY, the most common products are toys, masks, artificial teeth, as well as planks and implants in health care.

This thermoplastic is known under the different names - Polymorph, Polycaprolactone and PLC. Under these names you can find on the Internet lots of ideas on what can be made of this thermoplastic.

Model plastic products according to your own imagination

Price 79Kč + postage

Order through

email: wasso@post.cz

Or at: http://www.hobby-plast.com/





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