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Zyxel Access Point N300 WAP3205 v2

6 2019, 13:26

Moravskoslezský Kraj, Dobratice

Cena 500 CZK

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inzerát zyxel access point n300 wap3205 v2



Privat person / Business

Privat person

4-in-1 operation mode support: AP, WLAN Client, Universal Repeater, WDS.

2 Ethernet ports for connecting wired devices to a wireless network

Bought February 2015 still in warranty, running latest firmware, used as an AP to extend Internet signal in the back yard.

Not needed anymore. Package with all accessories included (CD and manual)

Condition: Excellent

Pick up at Kralovo Pole or at the center (up to you)

inzerát zyxel access point n300 wap3205 v2inzerát zyxel access point n300 wap3205 v2





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